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Meet Sarah Bardini-Perez

Meet Sarah Bardini – Perez

Director of Swiss Schools Consulting


Top Swiss Schools Placement Advisor

I can guide you through the different Swiss educational options, from junior through to high school.

Receive the essential information to make the best decision with informed options for your child.

Don’t let navigating through google search options, blogs and Swiss school information websites become overwhelming.

AT NO COST TO YOU ! Contact our educational advisor Sarah Bardini – Perez to help you decide on the best school for your child. Send me a message today and schedule your free consultation.

My educational consulting services offer a full spectrum of support from providing you with an overview of private education options in Switzerland, collaborating together to develop an education pathway that is custom created for your child.

Whether you are looking for information on Swiss schooling options or just have questions about the process, my mission is to provide unbiased support and guidance for families with children that wish to have the finest education in Switzerland.

Enjoy The International Swiss Boarding School Experience


Lugano, Switzerland

Set your sights on Switzerland!

The International Swiss Boarding Schools are situated in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking areas in the world, on the lake shores or up in the mountains there is something for everyone.


To say that you will be overjoyed would be an understatement!

How Can We Help You?

  • Personalized and made to measure service.
  • Organize all visits, including hotels, flights, and any other service you may need.
  • We can guide you through the labyrinth of admissions, through our direct and personal contacts in each school.
  • Help ease the transition from the United States to Switzerland as smoothly as possible.
  • Peace of mind, that everything is handled correctly and professionally.


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