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French to English Translation Services

French to English Translation Services

French Translation Services Available Call / Text 305.741.0332 

TRANSLATION PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – English to French, French to English.

We provide translation for documents, advertisements, restaurant menus and more!


Free Guide To The Educational System In Switzerland
We specialize in a personalized, made to measure service for you and your children to find the right school. We have direct contact with the schools and our service is quick and efficient, organizing visits to the schools, a driver, hotel bookings and private jet service if necessary. We can guide you through the confusing labyrinth of admissions for the schools and help to ease your transition from the US to Switzerland.

Free Guide To The Educational System In Switzerland

The experience of studying abroad can be one of the most incredible and life changing opportunities any student could have. Attending an International Boarding School in Switzerland, allows your child to not only see different parts of the world but also introduces them to new cultures, ideas & relationships that will have a lasting impact throughout their lives. Unfortunately, not many students are able to experience this dynamic. Considering this for your child is an awesome choice for his / her academic path.

As exciting as studying abroad can be as a parent, there are a lot of factors going into pursuing this option for your child, that you need to be aware of. Understanding the school culture, the values that each school embodies, and the other attending students play a major role in choosing the right school for your child. Trusting our international boarding school consultant could help you find the right fit and navigate the process of enrollment easily.

Ask Sarah Bardini – Perez your questions as she has done the research, made the connections, and traveled internationally to see first-hand the cultural and educational advantages that each of these schools offer.. Sarah is often considered the international extended family members’ eyes and ears throughout the entire research and admissions process. This includes managing travel arrangements, visas, test preparation, teacher recommendations, transcripts etc.

OUR SERVICES ARE FREE TO YOU AS THE PARENT! As we are paid by the schools. Extra costs would be flights, hotel bookings and chauffeur driven car, and car hire. Contact Us now and give your child a great step up to a new and exciting time, where they will make friends from around the world that will stay with them all their lives.


An education in an international boarding school in Switzerland is a great pathway to higher education preparing students for admissions to the world’s most prestigious universities and colleges. The Swiss Boarding Schools. have a remarkably high university entrance rate which is facilitated throughout high school, as the students are guided and counselled to help them aim and apply to the university of their choice.

Free Guide To The Educational System In Switzerland

Enjoy The International Swiss Boarding School & Summer Camp Experience!


Leysin, Switzerland


Students make friends from around the world with over 120 different nationalities within the International Swiss Boarding Schools. These friends will be your child’s future network with contacts in different countries making them future global citizens.

To say that you will be overjoyed would be an understatement!

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